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Pillars of Protection: Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities

Conference Materials and Presentations

Conference Materials

Conference Presentations

Morning Session
Fergal Landy:  Building the Pillars: It takes a Village to Raise a Child 
Eric Carlin: Risk and Resilience: The Evidence for Family Based Prevention 
Dr Henry O. Whiteside: The Strengthening Families Programme: An Evidence Based Approach 

Workshop PresentationsSFP in the Community
Rosemary Fox:  The Families Behind the Children: Beyond Criminal Justice 
Tom O'Donnell: From Paper to Practice: A Local Community Implementation Framework for 12-16 years in Ballymun
Donna Butler:  Multiplying the Pillars: A Multi Site Approach to SFP in the North West 

Workshop 1 - Séan Kinahan and Geordie McAteer: Planning, Practice, Procedures & Promotion
Workshop 2 - Dr Henry O. Whiteside: Cultural Adaptation
Workshop 3 - Mary Fitzpatrick and Frank Keogh: Parent Development and Support
Workshop 3 - Peter Doherty: Reflections on a Pilot Junior SFP (6-12 years)

Video Presentations








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