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What We Do

Along with the staff team, Ballymun Local Drugs Task Force members work together on three main Sub-Committees under the headings of:

  • Prevention and Education
  • Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Supply Reduction.

There is also a Policy & Research working group which comes together periodically to plan events which are designed to stimulate thinking around drug policy issues. There is also a monthly meeting of a core group of Task Force members who meet to make strategic decisions.

Together, we:

  • Formulate a collective response to the drugs problem in Ballymun
  • Fund and oversee various projects which address local drugs issues and gaps in service
  • Ensure the effective delivery of services in responding to drugs issues
  • Ensure that the community is listened to and heard regarding the causes and consequences of the local drugs problem
  • Ensure adherence to the National Drugs Strategy
  • Support relevant local initiatives

By undertaking this work, we endeavour to bring about a reduction in the number of people misusing drugs or developing addictions in the area. In doing so, we aim to ensure that Ballymun becomes a healthier and safer place to live and grow up in.

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Ballymun Local Drugs Task Force, Axis Centre, Main Street, Ballymun, Dublin 9

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