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Strategy Aims & Objectives (2010-2016)


We are trying to reduce alcohol related harm by:

  • Increasing awareness of alcohol as a community issue
  • Addressing attitudes and norms of alcohol in the community
  • Supporting a positive change in the local environment to reduce alcohol related harm



PILLAR: Supply Reduction, Availability & Enforcement

  • Develop a local policing strategy in relation to alcohol
  • Actively seek a level of control in the number and density of alcohol outlets
  • Work with local alcohol retail outlets to develop and implement a voluntary code of practice in relation to alcohol
  • Ensure the provision of localised responsible training to alcohol retail outlets in Ballymun
  • Advocate for changes to current legislation on alcohol

PILLAR: Prevention and Education

  • Support and promote evidence-based alcohol/drug education programmes focusing on life skills
  • Support and promote delivery of evidence-based family skills programmes to build protective factors

PILLAR: Community Awareness

  • Influence community perception and norms in relation to alcohol by promoting healthy living, lifestyle awareness and participative events
  • To use the media to gain support for community policy initiatives

PILLAR: Treatment & Rehabilitation 

  • Ensure a range of appropriate responses to engage those with problematic alcohol issues
  • To respond to the impact of alcohol use and related harms on children, family members. (New Objective 2013-2016)

PILLAR: Harm Reduction

  •  Seek the reduction of direct and indirect alcohol-related health and social harms to individuals who are unable or unwilling to stop using alcohol 

PILLAR: Policy and Research

  • Monitor and report on the implementation of the Strategy
  • Ensure that the Strategy effectively meets the needs of the community
  • Communicate and promote local experience to inform policy debates and agendas


Ballymun Local Drugs Task Force, Axis Centre, Main Street, Ballymun, Dublin 9

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