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Alcohol: A Local Issue

The evidence of how alcohol harms individuals, families, communities and society is all around us. This includes damage to mental and physical health, impact on work/productivity, impact on education, family conflict and breakdown, public disorder, crime/vandalism/violence, and so on.  The evidence is very clear, the more alcohol consumed by a society, the more harm that is caused. The Ballymun area is no exception to such consequences. 

In Ballymun local people have been voicing their concerns about these issues, particularly those about public order, anti-social behaviour, violence, crime, intimidation and underage drinking.

In September 2011, Ballymun Local Drugs Task Force and Safer Ballymun (through a company called IPSOS) asked residents about their attitudes and behaviour around alcohol. We would like to thank all those who participated in this research. In 2015 we will be undertaking a repeat of this survey to ascertain any changes in alcohol behaviour/attitudes as a result of the implementation of  the Strategy to date. 


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