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Just ask NORA


How many times have you thought about Drug and Alcohol issues that affect our community?

Who do we speak to?
How do we get our concerns heard?
Will we get a straight answer?
Will we be taken serious?
Will someone actually listen to us?
Does it really concern us?


  • Is a group of resident advisors set up (by Ballymun Local Drugs Task Force) to bring together residents interested in helping the local response to drug and alcohol issues.
  • NORA participates in discussions which would provide valuable community feedback on available services by organisations and issues affecting our community at present.

If you are a local resident and have a question or suggestion on how to resolve some of the most pressing issues for our community today, just use NORA as a vehicle to channel your questions for you.

just ask NORA

... who will undertake to seek a response from Ballymun Local Drugs Task Force

You can contact NORA through facebook or by emailing


Ballymun Local Drugs Task Force, Axis Centre, Main Street, Ballymun, Dublin 9

Phone: 01 883 2142 | Email:

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